“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”

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Chris and I met at a college in Hertfordshire in 2008 and after going our separate ways for a while, reconnected last year.  Chris works in the pastoral department of a secondary school and I work in an office in a pretty mundane ‘9-5′ job.

After a mini-break staying in a Shepherds’ Hut and a desire to avoid the inevitable  monotony of the lives we felt ourselves heading towards, we decided perhaps an alternative style of living is something we should look into.

Chris had previously bought (and sold) a VW which he had converted so already had some understanding of the involvement of renovating a camper van. That alongside the idea of the freedom and excitement of not only living in a van but the project that the renovation would entail sold the idea to us pretty quickly!

We started looking online at the type of van that we wanted and soon came across a Mercedes Vario which was being sold a stones throw away from where we live.  An offer had already been accepted but nonetheless, the seller allowed us to come and have a look. The van was originally owned by a surfer who converted the Mercedes and then sold to a couple who had dreams of travelling Europe in it. However, with the unexpected arrival of a baby, they had to sell it which was how it ended up on the market once again. As soon as we stepped into the van, I could feel the excitement in the air as we both knew this was ‘the one’ and put in an offer on the spot which was accepted! We wanted something spacious, homely and most importantly with real character and this was the one.

‘Does the van have a name?’ we asked.

‘Her name is Margot’ He replied.


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