Good Morning,

Whilst we have been budgeting, researching and saving, as a temporary measure, Margot has been staying at a family friend’s. This is in a village which is about 25 minutes away but as we are now ready to get the ball rolling, we have found a farm which we can get to much easier.

On Saturday, we moved her to a barn on a local farm which is also being used as storage by a few others but is more than spacious for us to get on with our renovations uninterrupted. We spent the hot weekend prepping the van for the adventure ahead. Although the van has already been converted , there are some  modifications we want to make from giving it a lick of paint to bigger tasks such as building a permanent bed.

As Margot is a big old van, Chris has needed to acquire an extra license to drive her so is in the process of this while we renovate but hope to get on the road by the end of the year. The plan is to cross the border via the ferry to Calais and travel Europe.

As Chris works in a school, he is now in the 6 week Summer Holidays which allows us to get a good start on the van. We plan on spending a lot of time in the barn and get as much done as possible so we can start test running her in the lead up to our travels.


3 Replies to “The renovations begin”

  1. She is a bit of a beast! Yes we will , we both handed our notices in to leave at the end of the year ! 😃🚌

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