‘Quit your job and buy a van!’

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We have now both officially handed in our notices at work so there is no going back now!

I wanted to write a little about the reasons behind embarking on this wonderful new chapter of our lives.

I guess it would be fair to say neither of us has ever felt like we have found our true calling in life. We have both worked in different jobs and lived in different areas but have never found something that clicked and this realisation can sometimes bring you down. When you see people around you so happy to buy a house or get a promotion, you can’t help but feel alien not to share that passion. We both have fortunate, stable but pretty routine home lives. We are blessed with amazing families and we work 9-5 jobs which isn’t something to complain about but we found ourselves constantly thinking ‘there must be more’. That lifestyle just didn’t feel right for us. It dawned on us that it doesn’t have to be right for us. It’s not for everyone. What you do with your life isn’t set in stone and there certainly isn’t a one size fits all lifestyle.

We are under no illusion that living in a van won’t come with its fair share of challenges but we believe that’s a risk worth taking. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? I love the idea of not knowing what’s round the corner. A beach, a forest, a long incredibly narrow road that leads to a dead end with nothing exciting to see whatsoever…..

I mean, what else yells ‘FREEDOM’ more than no deadlines, no alarm clocks and no stress. Just ‘me’ time. Time to read more, cook more, learn more, see more, swim more, walk more, explore more, live more! We both thrive in the good outdoors and find so much happiness when we’re camping or traveling together and discovered there is a whole community of likeminded people.

Another thing that really appealed to us about the idea of living in a van is the simplicity. We love the idea of going back to basics. We find although at the moment we have hours of free time after work, we can never do much with this time.  We are usually worrying about the following working day and we can’t go anywhere because we have to be at work the next day so feel stuck. Having more time will mean we can spend more time on other things. We are buying a composting toilet, we will be washing our own clothes, showering using natural products, walking and cycling where we can and always cooking from scratch.

Although we will be taking savings with us, we are hoping to do some work while we are out there and I guess it’s about seizing opportunities as they come which also excites me. We are hoping to do a mixture of volunteering and paid work where we can find it but for me, it all adds to the excitement!

How is your van experience? What made you do it? How do you fund your lifestyle?

I’d love to hear your stories and adventures 🙂

Margot renovation update: We have now taken down the partition and benches so we are now left with a clean slate to work with. We have carefully mapped out exactly where everything is going to go, what we will need and a timeline. We have now set up a gallery of our progress on Instagram. Feel free to follow us on www.instagram.com/margotdiaries

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