And a big build it is…..

Check back on this page for updates on the renovations of Margot!

First picture after we bought herApril/May 2018 – Fell in love with Margot and bought our first home (on wheels) together

June/July 2018 – Started off by stripping the van back, first by taking away the two partitioned walls and the seating area/bed to open up the van and put our dream plan into action. We also began purchasing important items for the van including a composting toilet and a wood stove.

IMG_0539August 2018 – After some investigating we soon discovered she had quite a bit of a rust problem (don’t tell her we said that) so had to re-evaluate and decided

it wasn’t something we were prepared to ignore. So stripped her back to basics even more and spent many long evenings and week-ends preparing her for a trip to the welders to manage the rust problem face-on!


September 2018 – Margot is due to go to the welders next week so fingers crossed!

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